Saturday, July 17, 2010


You'll love having chives in your garden they are pretty and tasty too. Chives are cool-season, cold-tolerant perennials that prefer full sun and fertile, well-drained soils. Seeds should be planted 1/4 inch deep and plant spacing should be 4-6 inches apart in all directions. Harvest chives when needed by cutting or breaking with fingers remove the leaves close to the ground. They spread so easily by seed that you could even start one in a pot indoors. is a great resource for any gardener I found a lot of the technical chive details there.

Friday, July 16, 2010


One of the staples of any garden should be the Rose. However many gardeners believe that roses are to complicated to grow and make beautiful however it is quite the opposite.

Rose's blooms can look so different from one variety to the next. One determining factor is the petal count some roses have as little as 4 or 5 petals or as many as 80 + petal per flower. This rose is one of the latter with many petals per flower.
Their are so many great choices you can always find the perfect rose for any sunny spot in your garden.
This variety is a climbing rose perfect for arbors or fences.
Roses are a perennial which means they come back every year after they are planted. 
Roses do not need to be big or take up a whole lot of space to be beautiful. have you ever given or been given a miniature rose as a mother's day gift. Has it sat on your table until it stopped blooming just to be tossed? Instead plant them in your yard for a beautiful display that will not take over the garden.
It is true that roses need to be pruned, but if it is done right even that can be minimal and "relatively" pain free. Most people incorrectly prune their roses in the fall, but, if you prune in the fall and have bad winter kill you can lose a lot of of the plant. Instead prune in the spring, by cutting off all the winter kill and then if needed cut a little further to keep your rose under your control.
You do not need a lot of rose plants in a row as you commonly see. However you can plant one here and there along your plantings for a great display through-out your garden.

Fertilizer is not a necessity to keep your roses looking good however it is highly recommended to get the best looking foliage and blooms each year. You do not need to go out and buy the most expensive rose fertilizer on the market or even a rose fertilizer at all, you can simply use a general garden fertilizer and it will work just fine. 
If you just try your luck with roses I know you will love them. Just try one. Next time you see a miniature rose at your local grocery store try planting it in your garden and you will not be disappointed.

Every rose in this small bed is a miniature they line the front walk. I count 6 can you see them all?
If you just try your luck with roses I know you will love them. Just try one. Next time you see a miniature rose at your local grocery store try planting it in your garden and you will not be disappointed.

Special thanks to my Mom and her garden for letting me feature them. I miss my garden back in American Fork but thank Lloyd and Amy and Javier for taking good care of it, unfortunately I am not able to have a garden at the moment ,but, I will soon!!! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Give Away

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 Just Enough Style

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shirley Poppies Gorgeous!
Red with a a white cross in the middle what will nature come up with next?
So Beautiful up close!!!
Gorgeous Salmon and White!!!
Gorgeous pinks in different shades
Beautiful pink
White with pink edge
Red With white center close-up so pretty!!!    Pure white with a beautiful yellow center pretty!
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thanks Wes

Monday, August 31, 2009

Orange Beauties

This is a beautiful perennial poppy that is very drought resistant. It grows wild in the fields of Alpine, Utah planted there by pioneers hundreds of years ago. They do best in full sun but also do well in partial shade (Partial shade is where I grow mine they get about 6 hours of morning sun they do tend to get tall and leggy though). They will Grow in almost any soil (I grow them in clay soil here no matter how hard I try to remedy it). The flowers grow on about 1-2 foot stems (depending on amount of shade) on bush like plants that are about 2 feet in diameter when fully grown takes 1 season to become full grown (blooming size). They grow in zones 3-9. Check it out here

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My dream Lawn Mower completely Gas/Emissions free. I like mowing the lawn but hate the smell that sticks with me after I mow. And plus I love the environment and would rather not use gas to mow my lawn or send fumes to who knows where. I got an E-mail advertising the new WORX lawn mower and some of their other electric lawn tools and they sound pretty cool to me.

WORX Green Movement

But, the lawn mower sounds the best for me. So please help me in my dream of owning my own sweet WORX lawn mower and click on the links here and get your own When you click on my links you'll automatically save $70.00 off MSRP making this lawn mower a steal at $429.00. I hope that you will see how cool this lawn mower is as I have.

"No gas... no oil... no smelly exhaust - and now, no cord. The WORX 19-inch Cordless Mower features a powerful 24-volt battery capable of cutting up to 12,000 square feet of lawn on a single charge"

WORX GT 2-in-1 Cordless Lawn Trimmer / Edger

Monday, March 16, 2009

Miss Amaryllis... Although You Photograph Well, a Picture Doesn't Capture Your Charm

Holiday Amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Minerva'

This year I did not force my Hippeastrum to bloom during the Christmas season (I had hoped to, but...) but this one was "Just Perfect" for Valentines. (Minerva is a funny name for an amaryllis though.... um no offence to anyone named Minerva)

Hippeastrum 'Minerva'

I like this pot this is a new addition to my pot inventory. I bought it this year at "The D.I." (our local charity store) for under $2.00. Good buy? I love getting all my pots at "The D.I."

Hippeastrum 'Minerva'

Making a gorgeous and very impressive display this is one of the biggest Hippeastrum I have seen. It measured over 2 feet tall not including the bulb, just starting from the stem to the top.

Amaryllis 'Apple Blossom'


Our Clearance Puppy

This Amaryllis bloomed next, it's an apple blossom hippeastrum that was not nearly as tall but just as beautiful as the other. We bought it on clearance for $2.99 at Home depot about jan. 20th. It bloomed about the 20th of Feb. It was a wonderful buy. We've nick named it "Our Clearance Puppy" Like "Marley" from "Marley and Me". You should check it out at B&N (see side panel)

My B-day Amaryllis

Amaryllis 'Susan'

Grown in a beautiful green and white glass vase with just rocks and water. I was afraid it wouldn't bloom but it put up a very short stock and just a few days later it bloomed on the shortest stem i have seen only about 2 inches from the bulb (but, you can't really tell here). It's leaves also just gave up after it bloomed are just laying limp to the side of the vase very sad really. But, Hopefully It'll get enough sun (and fertilizer if I do not forget) to give me a good showing next year. Have any of you had luck growing amaryllis in water? So I've had the largest and most healthy Amaryllis and the shortest weakest that I've ever seen.

Amaryllis 'Susan'
Perfect Fortune!!!

We had another bloom the last of Feb. early mar. (just in time for my B-day) a beautiful dark pink named Susan. One is in bud right now named Nymph a beautiful double. I love these showy flowers.